Lynus Woo: A Pilgrimage in Colours explores and stretches the possibilities of colours in capturing the multifaceted human emotions and inner thoughts that might not be evident in one's immediate countenance.

This exhibition primarily features works produced since 2019 upon Lynus's return to Hong Kong. It was a time when he was reacclimating to a city that he was born into, which has evolved immensely during his years living and studying abroad and continues to undergo rapid social climate change. Moreover, the arrival of the global pandemic prompted him to reflect upon the agents of change, seek consolation and, in turn, self-conciliation and express an understanding of these seismic shifts in recent collective memory through cathartic output: a pilgrimage conducted in colours.

The show also inaugurates REP., a brainchild conceived by the artist during the city's pandemic lockdown. The fitness centre incorporates a gallery space that promotes creativity, innovation and social interaction. The concept aims to blur the boundary between fitness and art, driven by the artist's philosophical belief that the human body is a living sculpture that constantly evolves, as does the versatile design of REP.’s fitness space.


藝術家在國外留學生活的這些年裡,香港歷盡變遷,而是次展覽則主要展出胡智同自2019 年回流香港後創作的作品。回港後的胡智同除了要重新適應這個城市以及其當時的社會氛圍,2019 冠狀病毒所引發的全球大流行疫情亦促使他對生活變動深入反思。為了面對世界及自身歷史性的轉折,並且在這些變革中尋求自我慰解和宣洩,胡智同透過藝術創作,以色彩進行了一場內觀巡禮。

是次展覽亦為 REP. 健身中心的揭幕禮之一。REP. 是胡智同在疫情早期,城市封鎖期間構想而成的多元化健身空間。有別於一般的健身中心,REP. 包含了一個旨在提倡創意創新和社交互動的快閃空間。藝術家深信人體是一個具不斷進化潛能的活雕塑,而正是這個哲學信念,促成了這個模糊了健身與藝術之間的界限的多功能概念空間。