~700 nanometers
《~700 納米》

Mr. Julian Hui, 2017

81.3 x 96.5cm
Oil on canvas 油彩畫布
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Josef Albers, the renowned American abstract painter and theorist, claims in his radical publication Interaction of Colour (1963) that there is never a fixed perception of colour. Instead, colour is an ever subjective experience that varies continuously with variables such as the beholder and the context within which colour is presented. To illustrate, the same shade of pink would appear as a different hue when superimposed on a square of blue and orange respectively.

著名美國抽象藝術家和和理論家約瑟夫・阿爾伯斯(Josef Albers)在他革新的著作《色彩互動學》(1963 年)中,主張了色彩感知的非固定和多面性。根據他的色彩理論,顏色的辨識是一種視覺的主觀性體驗,它會隨著個別觀者、呈現的狀態、周遭的顏色所互相影響等因素而不斷變化。舉個例子,分別疊置在藍色和橙色的正方形上,即便是相同的粉紅色,也會呈現出不一樣的色調。