~700 nanometers
《~700 納米》

The Hon Andrew Li Kwok Nang, GBM, CBE, JP, 2017
李國能先生 大紫荊勳賢,英國司令勳章,太平紳士

81.3 x 96.5cm
Oil on canvas 油彩畫布
(Details 局部)

Taking precedence over other colours, red emerges as the most fitting in presenting Lynus's sitters in this series of portraits he has begun painting since 2015. The people depicted have known him since he was a child and have participated in every turning page of his life journey to date. The scrumptious crimson resembling a pulsating heart evokes the vitality of these individuals, spanning from the lighthearted youth to the ripe and experienced maturity. The vivid scarlet lauded their dedication towards their families and those they hold dear. Each canvas in its blazing redness is a letter of admiration paying respect to the love and devotion the
sitters unconditionally shared.

Lynus would also like to take this opportunity to express his gratitude to Mr Tung Chee Hwa, Mr Ho Hau Wah, Mr Andrew Li, Mr Woo Po Shing and Mrs Helen Woo, Ms Pansy Ho, Mr Julian Hui, and Mrs May Woo for making time to sit for these portraits.

故此,胡智同在他從2015 年開始繪製的一系列肖像中,紅色優先於其他顏色呈現了他的親朋戚友。胡智同自幼便認識這些畫中人,他們每一位都參與了藝術家成長的每個過程和轉折。鮮豔欲滴的深紅調猶如一顆跳動的心臟,反映了被繪者旺盛的活力。從年輕的精力充沛到成熟的老於世故,胡智同筆下的紅色頌揚了他們對家和珍視之人的奉獻。好比空中拂揚的熾熱旗幟,每幅肖像都是薦予他們的信,表達了藝術家對他們無私的愛與忠誠的欽佩和敬意。胡智同希望藉此機會向董建華先生、何厚鏵先生、李國能先生、胡寶星先生及胡方雪芬女士、何超瓊女士、許晉亨先生、胡吳婉芳女士致謝,感謝他們百忙中抽空讓他為他們繪畫肖像。