Colours and the Human Psyche, 2022

Helene I

77 x 102cm
Oil on canvas 油彩畫布
(Details 局部)

Jenny Saville's influence on the visceral quality of Lynus's portraitures is unquestionable. But while the former challenges the historical objectification of bodies in paintings by exaggerating bodily forms, Lynus focuses on the symbolic and psychological qualities of colours in representing the human psyche. He illustrates his examination through Helene I,II & III, depicting his sister in three emotional states. The background of the por traits is constructed by the same shades of green, notwithstanding the atmosphere emanated by each appearing drastically different. The greens, as Lynus described, seem to have adjusted themselves to accentuate the sitter's joy, pensiveness and indifference.

當代藝術家珍妮・薩維爾對胡智同肖像畫畫風的影響毋庸置疑。然而,當前者通過誇大人體描繪,挑戰藝術歷史演變中過於理想化及物化的軀體形象,胡智同則側重於色彩的象徵性與表現人類個體心理狀態的潛能。胡智同通過繪畫《智晴I、II 及III》進行理論實踐。這三幅肖像描繪了胡智同的親妹妹,對著繪者表露出三種不同的情緒狀態。儘管每幅肖像的背景均由相同的綠色構成,可瀰漫出的氣氛卻截然不同。胡智同描述道,所有的綠調彷彿進行了自我調整,以分別配合突出畫中人的喜悅、沉思和淡漠。