Confrontation Between the Painter and Colour, 2019

76 x 76cm
Oil on canvas 油彩畫布

This section brings together three selfportraits painted from a pivotal moment in Lynus's first few months back in Hong Kong. The unsettling period was soon followed by stringent social-distancing measures resulting from the first pandemic outbreak, propelling Lynus to turn towards a subject matter that remained immediately available yet alienated: himself. The mirror naturally became his closest comrade, leading to a journey of selfreflection, both literally and psychologically.

This series is the only group of works painted using palette knives in this exhibition.The thickly applied impasto carries the painter's psychological weight, dense with suppressed anxiety. The gestural marks loosely interweave into Lynus’s visage while suggesting contours of continents hovering on a vivid yet decontextualised abyss, subtly symbolic of his then geographical relocation. Isolated and distressed, Lynus saw himself receding into the engulfing swaths of yellow, green and blue. The painter who waltzed with colours appeared to have lost command over the medium; the enhancing but equally destabilising effects of colours made him wonder whether the fickleness and vulnerability of the human facade could ever be faithfully portrayed under the painterly brush.