SARS-CoV-2, 2020

70 x 100cm
Acrylic and pastel on paper
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While vibrant palettes dominate Lynus's oeuvre, he also experimented with monochromes in Socially Distanced. This set of paintings draws inspiration from microscopic images of Coronavirus, which bombarded news media during the period of social distancing and isolation. The virus's spherical crown-like atomic structure is superimposed onto ghostly calligraphical brushwork, conjuring up contours that vaguely suggests the presence of a human face intertwined with the virus's red spikes. The black and white compositions executed on paper medium mimic the graphic effects of radiography, metaphorical to Lynus's painterly experience of mindfulness as a selfscanning method. They also express the painter’s longing to reach the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel and where his debut show would take him going forward.

儘管色彩繽紛的作品佔據胡智同大比數的畫作,藝術家也在《社交距離》中嘗試了單色系的創作。這組繪畫的靈感來自冠狀病毒的顯微鏡微觀圖像。在疫情蔓延期間,冠狀病毒相關的圖像充斥著各種新聞與社交媒體。畫作中,該病毒的球形冠狀原子結構疊加在幽魂般的白色筆觸上,依稀勾勒出的人頭輪廓被捆鎖在病毒紅色尖刺所築起的牢龍中。黑白的用色與紙本組合模仿了X 光的感光底片效果,隱喻了繪畫作為胡智同自我觀察和反思的方式和其正念的來源。此外,它們亦表達了藝術家對疫情結束的曙光,以及這場個展能為他開拓的新領域的憧憬與渴望。