Non-Fungible, 2021

77 x 102cm
Oil on canvas 油彩畫布
(Details 局部)

A Pilgrimage in Colours concludes with Non-Fungible, a work created in response to the rise and thriving market of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) amid the global pandemic when many sectors struggled to keep on their feet.

Lynus took the NFT phenomenon with a pinch of salt. Despite the technology devised to empower artists, enabling them to exercise control and resale rights over their works and protecting collectors with the tracking and proving of provenance, it also fostered a population of speculators in commercial exploitation.

The proliferation of NFT avatars used as account icons across major social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram made him further question the issue of copyright, originality and value behind this digital art form. As a result, he 'replicated' Non-Fungible in a smaller version on the painting's bottom right, juxtaposing to the 'original'. The idea behind it is to imitate the action of taking a screenshot of an NFT avatar and appropriating it as your account icon when you do not necessarily have the ownership of the image and the rights of its use.

Echoing the crimson palette of the portraits featured at the beginning of this exhibition, the flaming red of the present work halts Lynus's painterly quest. The ominous blotch of black at the centre emits a silent hum from the unventured fields opened up by NFT as a new art form. Viewers are invited to ponder what it would mean and where it would lead for traditionally trained artists such as Lynus himself.

The answer, perhaps , is yet another pilgrimage waiting to commence.


胡智同對於NFT 的流行趨勢持保留態度。縱使這項科技的研發旨在賦予及加強藝術家對自己創作的掌控和轉售權,並通過加密的來源追踪保障藝術愛好者與收藏家利益,然而,它也衍生並催化了一批積極於商業開發的投機者。

隨着NFT 作品在Twitter 和Instagram 等主要社交媒體平台上被用作帳戶頭像的數量激增,胡智同進一步質疑這種數碼藝術所引發的版權、原創性和價值等問題。他在《非同質化》的右下角以較小的面積「複製」了這幅作品並與之並列。這個舉動諷刺了社交平台用家在不一定擁有圖像的擁有及使用權情況下,可透過屏幕截圖方式截取NFT 作品並沿用作自己的帳戶頭像。

《非同質化》的焰紅調與是次展覽初段的肖像作首尾呼應,為胡智同這場色彩的歷險畫上一個頓號。構圖中央的黑色空洞,象徵了NFT 作為嶄新的藝術形態所開闢的未知領域。那幽邃的密境發出細碎而沉悶的嗡嗡邀請,刺激觀眾思考NFT 對於像胡智同般受傳統訓練後展開職業生涯的藝術家而言,到底意味着甚麼樣的走向與未來。